Welcome to the Hospital Magic Club:
  Where Patients become GREAT MAGICIANS  and Learn Awesome MAGIC TRICKS

Hospital Magic Club is the best magic website on the internet  for kid magicians who are in the hospital, or at home with a medical condition. 

 YOU will learn great magic, and perform for friends and family.

Go to the Magic Activities page and click on the link to ActivityTV to learn dozens of great magic tricks. 

 YOU can help other young magicians along the way.  We are here to help all our members become the best magicians they can be!

There are many great magic books in the library, READING is the best way to learn magic.

Practice each trick several times, before you perform it for others! 

Take your time to perfect the moves, and learn your lines to present a great magic story! 

 A Good  Magician keeps the secret moves of a trick hidden. Being a magician means you create magic for other people.  You will enjoy seeing the reaction of your friends and family when you perform magic routines you have practiced well. Remember:  Magicians never tell how a trick is done!    

Learning magic tricks as a form of therapeutic play provides many opportunities to grow and build self esteem.  As a pediatric nurse, I understand the importance of considering patient conditions and therapeutic goals when teaching a magic class.  Selecting the best magic effects for each patient is key to building a successful medical magic show. Please contact me directly if I can help you develop a magic program for your child.